I'm Matt, a UX Designer based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina who loves bringing diverse points of view to my work and communicating complex ideas through a combination of written, technical, and visual material. I enjoy the challenge of creating new and original interaction methods and pushing the envelope of design in immersive and traditional spaces.​ Feel free to look around and connect.

About me.

I currently work at Lenovo where I design experiences that cross software, hardware, and everything in between. I collaborate with product management, research, industrial design, development, and engineering teams to sort through requirements and the discovery process, translating these findings into what works for both the business and our users. All in an effort to create useful, enjoyable, and memorable experiences.

While at Virginia Tech, I had the unique privilege of working alongside Dr. Joe Gabbard, Dr. Doug Bowman, and several others on the exploration of hand-free gestural interaction techniques and the design of mixed-reality menus. I also participated in a few passion projects and summer internships that had me working alongside veteran researchers and designers at NASA, USSOCOM, and Lextant.

Outside of the frenetic pace of work, I enjoy hitting the gym, gaming, watching a whole host of television and film, and as time permits... flexing the entrepreneurial muscles. 





Launched hardware
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UX / UI Design

Product vision ● Pragmatic decision-making ● Concept drafting ● Wireframes & mockups (hardware & software) ● Information architecture ● UI specification ● Visual design ● Motion behavior definition & design ● Iterative XD prototyping ● Embodied interaction design (head gaze, gesture) ● Peripheral interaction design (controller, phone, PC) ● Firmware writing ● Executive presentation ● Section 508 accessibility


Heuristic evaluation ● Competitive assessment ● Archetyping ● A/B testing ● Experimental design ● Hardware & software usability evaluations ● Ethnography ● Surveying


Adobe XD ● Microsoft Office (“A PowerPoint Wizard”) ● Dscout (5 studies) ● Experimenting with Figma, Tvori, & PS Dreams

A snapshot of my life.

Recent life milestones and some of my favorite things.


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