TAIGA (User Interface Design for the Traffic and Atmospheric Information for General Aviation System)

I designed an electronic flight bag (EFB) user interface for the Traffic and Atmospheric Information for General Aviation (TAIGA) system to improve the situation awareness and enhance the mental model of pilots flying in Alaska airspace. Prior to designing initial concepts of the user interface, I reviewed the background and current uses of EFBs, investigated initial requirements and goals for the application, and assessed both the use cases, and needs and expectations of users for each previously proposed flight scenario. I designed the interfaces in Microsoft PowerPoint; utilizing stencil packs and icon sets readily available online. The interface comprised of five modes, or screens, and a series of buttons and functions for each. Lastly, I provided mode/button nomenclature and descriptions, drafted a technical paper, and presented research. My designs have undergone critique and are continuing to be programmed into a complete application at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Tel. 703-624-6218  I  mattd90@vt.edu

UX Design Engineer @ Lenovo

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