Embarking on my career with Lenovo!

Throughout the past year or so, I have been on the fence about continuing the PhD. Well, after a few grueling months of applications, networking, and interviews, I am pleased to say I will be joining the User Experience team at Lenovo this June. Working as a UX Design Engineer in their Future Technology group, I will be helping to define innovative ways to experience augmented and virtual reality content, and assisting with design insights for existing and emerging product lines. Virginia Tech has been my home for nearly the past eight years. From friends and family, to the wonderfully supportive faculty and staff, my experience would not nearly have been as impactful without your encouragement and thoughtfulness. Virginia Tech will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope to visit often. I can say wholeheartedly, if you follow your dreams and continue to pursue experiences that foster your creativity, there is nothing you cannot accomplish and no aspiration short of reach.

Tel. 703-624-6218  I  mattd90@vt.edu

UX Design Engineer @ Lenovo

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