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It’s Matt, coming at you again through the power of the internet! Yes, that’s a Boogie2988 intro reference; highly recommend you view his YouTube content. Any who, for any of you who know me personally, I have a love for gaming. From simple mobile apps to immersive and narrative driven AAA titles, I dabble in just about everything. You also may know I’m eager about the potential of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences. As such, it felt natural for me to adopt early… so I did. I picked up the PlayStation VR! It’s an experience only rivaled by Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at the moment and it delivers. Each game, short story, and interactive video is compelling in their own unique way. Often those experiences which seem simple in appearance, like a puzzle or rhythmic game, are the most compelling. With that being said, it’s still great to jump inside the cockpit of a mech or spacecraft and shoot down enemies and coordinate attacks. Yes, the resolution of the display does not match that of its major competitors; however, if the experience is compelling enough, which most all of them are, resolution takes a back seat. Also, the PS VR’s social aspect is something to be commended. Having your friends interact simultaneously in-game makes the experience a lot more fulfilling and less alienating.

As others have said, virtual reality is an experience that must be seen inside a headset and not on a television screen. At the moment, the future seems bright. Market adoption is growing, industry is throwing support and creating good content, and there is an entry point for all with options ranging from Google’s own Cardboard to the full room experience offered by HTC Vive. If you’re at all on the fence about being an early adopter, worry no more, the future is here and it’s a blast!

These experiences enticed me to pursue a side project of my own; a storyboard for an interactive VR short film adapted from a childhood favorite of mine, The Pagemaster. Look for a sampling of it soon here. Also, I do plan to stream VR content via Twitch more frequently the next week or two. So be sure to check it out if you’re at all interested. To view my channel, click the purple icon at the bottom of the page. Till' next time... Davis out.

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