Built With: ____ ! and the Zero G Space Kitchen!

Last Friday night I participated in the "Built With:_____ " event at Virginia Tech. Simply put, the event fostered a collaborative space to meet, greet, and share interesting and zany ideas to ideat around and form a narrative for. Each of the over 100 students including myself were given name tags and sticky notes where we could highlight our interests, hobbies, aspirations, and skillset. In an effort to ideat around a topic unfamiliar to the group, I thought it would be fun to conceptualize and design around the idea of a space kitchen. Imagine, in a future not far from now, where a crew member's prime responsibility is to oversee and prepare meals for the team on long duration missions to Mars and beyond. What would this space look like? How might we design for adaptability for both gravity and non-gravity scenarios? Would there be robotic assistance onboard? How would appliances, as we know them here on Earth, have to be fundamentally redesigned? In good spirits, these and many other questions were conjured up and designed around throughout the evening. The team and I encouraged the entire attending audience to visit and contribute ideas however small or large. Needless to the say, I had a great time and it was awesome bouncing ideas back and forth especially as they relate to emerging technologies in science and engineering with students from almost every college and department. The Virginia Tech Entrepreneur Club and collaborators put this awesome event on. Check out what they're all about here. Until next time... Davis out.

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