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Lenovo Quick Clean was designed to streamline and improve the user experience of disinfecting a notebook. In short, via either a key command or in-app button, the notebook's screen, keyboard, and all other peripheral devices (ex. mouse, digital pen, etc.) inputs are locked, allowing the notebook to be sanitized without concern of affecting content.

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Lead UX/UI Designer (2019)

Requirements gathering & Competitive Review

State diagraming

UX concepting


Visual design


Cleaning and disinfecting workstations is common practice within the healthcare community. A part of healthcare professionals' common cleaning routine includes the sanitization of their workstations and digital devices - often requiring devices to be powered down during cleaning and disrupting workflow. Quick Clean drastically reduces time on task, and opens up more time in the day for healthcare professionals to treat patients. Due to Covid and subsequent rise in frequent disinfection practices, this application has been made available for the larger Lenovo portfolio spanning consumer and commercial devices.


As the lead and only UI/UX designer on this project, I delivered concept visions, information architecture, wireframes, highly detailed visual design assets, and worked directly with developers and project managers for implementation.


Some unique features to our solution I designed into the experience included:

  • Darkened background to provide more clarity to any on-screen smudges or debris.

  • A dynamic animated radial wipe effect to inform time remaining via a combination of shape and color to communicate time that in ways may be easier and more quickly understood than a typical digital timer at a glance.

  • Included a persistent representation of the keyboard key combination to communicate function spatially.

After assessing existing product solutions, I designed the information architecture, state diagram, and wireframes in MS PowerPoint. The detailed user interface was designed and prototyped in Adobe XD. Redline specifications and assets were shared with development via XD for design reviews and implementation.

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