Here is a collection of recent industry projects and some collegiate oldies. Look for updates in the coming weeks.

Please                     with me, as I'm currently reconstructing this site.

Smart Dock Console

Lead/Solo UX/UI Designer

2020 - Present

A web platform uniquely tailored to help ITDMs organize, manage, and monitor their company's network connected docks. Launching this Spring.

ThinkReality A6 & A3

UX/UI HW/SW Designer & Human Factors Engineer

2018 - Present

Lenovo's first and second enterprise AR HMD solutions.  Portable form factors for augmented reality providing an extended display use case with high visual quality and room scale tracking.

Quick Clean

Lead/Solo UX/UI Designer


Desktop application designed to streamline notebook disinfection.

dScout Missions

Lead UX Researcher

2017 - 2019

Mobile ethnographic research surrounding evolving work spaces, day-in-the-life product usage, and the future of personal computing.

Fluidity Mixed Reality Menu

Lead UX/UI Designer & Researcher


An exploration of hands-free gestural interaction techniques and the design of mixed-reality menus for virtual object manipulation.

The Pagemaster VR
Short Film Storyboard

Passion Project Creative Designer


A brief hand drawn storyboard depicting the viewer and Adventure, our swashbuckling pirate-book friend.

Pebble Smartwatch

Application Concepts

UX/UI Designer


A handful of smartwatch explorations surrounding transit, health, and news.

Honda Acura Precision Cockpit

UX/UI Designer (Intern)


HMI strategy of the center stack and dashboard screen elements, including the information architecture and interaction techniques for a myriad of applications.

Aeronautics Academy

Research Associate (Intern)


Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) mobile interface system design and theoretical simulations  of an aerial mass transit system.

Time Tunnel - Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Competition

Creative Director


Led a small team of highly motivated individuals to imagine and design an entertainment/recreational experience.

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