Brief exploration.


Creative Designer (2012)

Bus Tracker

The application seeks the nearest bus stop and determines at what time the next bus will arrive.  The user can change the bus if the next to arrive is not the desired one.  The user can also switch between visual styles for the application.

This Day & Time

Pulling from the Wikipedia On this day… historical event listing, the watch face would show a brief description of what happened that day and time in history.  After 15 seconds, the current time and date expand to fill the display.  If opened as an application, the user can archive and view events.  If a time is not provided, events that day will appear at random times between daylight hours.

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8 A Day

Hard evidence or not, it’s always healthy to drink fluids throughout the day*, so why not have a quick reminder. The cup is filled by percent increments according to minutes in the hour. Every quarter of an hour beginning at 9AM and ending at 5PM, the watch vibrates once and the number of cups left flashes briefly. Happy drinking!


*Based on eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day

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Find My Phone

Have you ever had trouble locating your misplaced phone even though you knew you left it nearby. Well worry no more. If synced via Bluetooth this application would tell you, in steps, how far away you are from your phone. Good luck!

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