The Pagemaster

Interactive VR Short Film Experience

 Below is my short foray into the world of interactive VR short film.  The narrative was adapted from a childhood favorite film of mine, The Pagemaster, produced and distributed by Turner Feature Animation and 20th Century Fox respectively.  My interest in storytelling, especially within the VR space, was further influenced by some recent work I experienced including Invasion! by Baobab Studios and Wayward Sky by Uber Entertainment.


Green arrows represent linear movement of the viewer.  Blue arrows represent recommended eye gaze directions. Grey arrows represent character motions.

Setup – opening view
The setting where the viewer can choose which sequence, or story, to experience. From here the viewer can look down bookshelf corridors. Light animation appears and background ambience is heard.
The viewer selects a story by walking (via analogue controller) towards it or selecting it (via gaze or wand click). A themed tune is played and the story title appears into view.
The viewer is sent down the corridor. Small footprints can be seen on the floor. Foliage is shown growing over the books and shelves. Coconuts, gold doubloons, and mud litters the area.
Through spatial sound and dynamic visuals, the viewer’s attention is drawn to a section of the bookshelf. A book appears to be moving; almost wrestling with another. Splashes of water and gold doubloons are falling towards the floor.
A grizzled-looking book thrusts other books outward from him; one has tentacles protruding from it.
The octopus and the book continue to wrestle. The octopus has a large wooden chest, appearing to be filled with gold, in its grasp.
The book fights off the octopus; forcing it to escape inside the book from which it came. In a rumbustious tone, the book introduces himself; “Adventure.” With haste, he tells the viewer the octopus has escaped with his treasure chest. He requests your assistance to help find and capture back the chest.
The viewer and Adventure plummet into the book.
Falling at a quick pace ever deeper into the book, the text begins to appear larger and larger.
Adventure and the viewer have a safe, albeit chaotic, landing. They walk in-between the now three-dimensional text of the book. The text reads exactly what is occurring… “THE octopus slinks AWAY from the two adventurers…”. Adventure quickly spots the octopus slinking away with the chest. The two begin their journey and the experience continues.

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