Lenovo Quick Clean

Cleaning and disinfecting workstations is common practice within the healthcare community. A part of healthcare professionals' common cleaning routine includes the sanitization of their workstations and digital devices - often requiring devices to be powered down during cleaning and disrupting workflow.


Lenovo Quick Clean is a unique desktop application designed to streamline and improve the user experience of disinfecting a notebook. In short, via either a key command or in-app button, the notebook's screen and keyboard and all other peripheral devices (ex. mouse, digital pen, etc) inputs are locked, allowing the keyboard to sanitized without concern of affecting content. This solution drastically reduces time on task, and opens up more time in the day for healthcare professionals to treat patients.

As the lead UI/UX designer, I was responsible for delivering concept visions, information architecture, highly detailed visual design assets, and working directly with developers and project managers for implementation.


Features unique to Lenovo's solution I designed include:


A black 

A dynamic animated radial wipe effect to inform time remaining via a combination of shape and color to communicate time that in ways may be easier and more quickly understood than a typical digital timer. 


Including a persistent keyboard key combination communicates function spatially.

I was told there are unique cleaning regiments for healthcare personnel – curating experiences that adapt to these unique cleaning methods will differentiate our product experience from competitors. For example, one method may require the user to clean the keyboard for “x” amount of seconds, then the display for “x” amount of seconds, etc.

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UX Design Engineer @ Lenovo

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